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The Truth Behind the Death of Dr. Theodore Adler

With this mockumentary I wanted to tell a crazy, fictional story as if it were a real event.

I made this in my third year at the Willem De Kooning Academy.

I worked completely autonomous on this, doing the writing, directing, filming, editing and the visual effects myself; I am also in it (or am I?).

The role of Dr. Theodore Adler was played by Abel Sanders who was the only professional actor working on this film. The rest of the characters are played by my friends, family and my old high-school physics teacher. The street interviews are all real.

It was fun creating this mockumentary, from thinking of the story and creating all the practicle elements (like the ‘archival’ photographs and newspaper articles) to editing it all together.

Dr. Theodore Adler: Abel Sanders
Dr. Peter Gandlehoff: Peter van Gelder
REDLEG: Jaap La Porte
Francois Laurent: David Bailley
Black Suit walking 1: John Klompers
Black Suit walking 2: Peter van Gelder
Black Suit driving: Michael Gijselhart
Autopsy Surgeon: Christian Sanders

Nettie & Harry de Weerd
Meaza Jamal Pardoel

Full Alien Autopsy